Thursday, January 15, 2009

Role Models

Roll Models - review by zackRelease Date: November 7th, 2008

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We've all had one. Someone we look up to, admire, and try to be like; a roll model.

Sean William Scott and Paul Rudd star as Wheeler and Danny; two advertising executives for an energy drink company. After a long day of being dumped by his girlfriend, chugging down energy drinks and going from school to school filled with annoying kids Danny has had enough. He hijacks the company minotaur truck and crashes it into a school monument. After some wheeling and dealing from his lawyer ex-girlfriend(Elizabeth Banks), Danny and Wheeler are faced with two options: do some hard time in lock up or serve 150 hours of community service at the judge's favorite place, a big brother/big sister program. Everything sounds good until the two meet their little siblings. Wheeler is faced with a wise cracking, foul mouth fifth grader named Ronnie while Danny gets paired up with Augie(Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Superbad), a shy 16 year old nerd who is obsessed with his fantasy medieval live role playing game, LAIR.

While Wheeler tries to deal with civilizing Ronnie and Danny tries to manly up Augie things go sour. Surrounded by upity do-gooders, ignoring parents, wild partys, an ex-con director for the mentorship program and the looming penalty of jail time if they screw up, Wheeler and Danny just can't seem to get it straight.

I had big laughs during this entire movie! Little sarcastic Ronnie had me rolling with his foul mouth, big attitude, and utter hatred for Wheeler. And I could relate with Augie and his nerd fantasies, and seeing an epic battle played out in a community park with foam swords and cardboard castles couldn't have been any more hilarious. Scott performed good as the party-going, womanizing, adult adolescent. His and Ronnie's characters gelled nicely. As for Judd, his depressed, bitter, angry at life character acted as a wonderful opposite to Mintz-Plasse's down to earth, innocent character.

This movie is sure to please any fan of the loud, foul-language comedy. 8 Role-playing Nerds out of 10


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