Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Eagle Eye

Eagle Eye - review by zackRelease Date: September 26th, 2008

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In the mood for a technological action movie? Eagle Eye stars Shia LeBeouf(Transformers, Disturbia) as Jerry Shaw, a very smart guy who had multiple opportunities to go to top notch schools but decided that college was not for him. He spends his days working at the Copy Cabana trying to make rent and playing poker in the copy store supply room with his buddies. When Jerry finds out that is identical military twin brother was tragically killed in a car accident, Jerry's world gets turned upside down. When he arrives back at his apartment he finds it jam packed with boxes containing military weapons, bombs, passports, documents and basically everything needed to make Jerry Shaw look like a terrorist. When he receives a mysterious phone call telling him that he has been "activated" and that the F.B.I was on its way to take him in, Jerry is thrown into a dangerous game of Simon says. With the help of another "activated" woman, Rachel Holloman, played by actress Michelle Monoghan. The two of them forge an alliance when they realize they will have to work together or face extreme danger for themselves and their families if they disobey the mysterious woman that seems to know every move they make, wherever and whenever they make it.

I was excited about this movie when I saw the previews for it. I like Shia LaBeouf, I think he's a good actor who can handle serious roles. Add in Rosario Dawson and the ever popular Billy Bob Thorton and you have a cast that could make for a good movie. The film was never short on action and it kept me guessing the entire time, wondering "Who is this mysterious woman?" and "how does she know every move they make even when they are in the middle of nowhere?" The suspense was good and it kept you drawn into the movie. But, I was slightly disappointed when I figured out that the mysterious woman on the phone was actually a United states super computer hooked into everything technology related in the country. Although, I did not hate the idea of this computer taking on life-like characteristics and operating on its own. It was something that has not been done a lot in movies and something that most people would not think about.

Overall I liked Eagle Eye. LaBeouf gave a good performance as did Thorton, Dawson, and Monoghan. The premise was interesting, even though I was hoping for some type of organization to be behind it all. In the end I give Eagle Eye 8 Crazy Super Computers out of 10


  1. i like the movie,you have to fight for what is good for the others...

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