Thursday, January 22, 2009

Lost: Season 5 Premiere

Lost: Season 5 Premiere - review by zackAir Date: January 21st, 2009

Click here for the Lost Season 5 Trailer.

Lost, the show that has given me more frustration, more anticipation, and more enjoyment than any other shown on air. Me, along with a gigantic fan group have been waiting in grueling anticipation for the new season ever since season 4 left us with the impact that it did. Now, even though Lost is a t.v. show, it's one hour recap episode paired with it's 2 hour premiere lasted longer than most movies do, but it was totally worth it.

In case you've been living under a rock for the past 5 years here is the down low on Lost: A passenger jet crashes in the South Pacific on its way from Sydney to Las Angelas and a group of 72 people survive and make camp on a seemingly deserted tropical island. When hope of rescue grows dim, the survivors come to terms with the fact that they are going to need to work together to survive. Then some problems arise, a mysterious creature is terrorizing the island and a mysterious group of island inhabitants known as "The Others", lead by a man named Benjamin Linus, start to make life difficult. With the discovery of a mysterious hatch in the ground and a man that pushes a button every 108 minuets to postpone the end of the world questions arise. Hostilities grow between the survivors and the others and the discovery of the DHARMA Initiative, a group of scientists that built the hatch and many others across the island, is revealed and once again more questions arise. A survivor gets the opportunity to leave, new people show up and things get confusing. The others try to take out the survivors while the survivors try to do the same. One survivor sacrifices himself to save the others and get them rescued but is shocked to find out that the boat they think is there to rescue them is really there to capture Benjamin and kill everybody else. When a mercenary team arrives on the island all hell breaks loose as they casually walk around killing everybody they come across. When Ben deceives them and takes them out he attempts to move the island.

Last season left us with six survivors leaving the island and Benjamin Linus attempting to move the island. The survivors' freighter blows up and they are sent on their way back to the island when suddenly the island disappears! Yeah, the whole freaking island and everyone on it vanishes leaving nothing but ripples in the ocean! Well, the survivors on the helicopter, known as the Oceanic Six, are rescued and attempt to live out their lives until Benjamin returns and tells them all they need to go back to the island, the same island he made disappear. If they don't go back then everyone they left behind will die. Then the season ends leaving you in terrible suspense.

And finally we come to the new season! If any show has ever started a new season with a bang it would be Lost. The new season started with Jack, the previous leader of the survivors and one of the Oceanic 6, at the end of his ropes and trying desperately to return to the island and convincing the other survivors to do the same. Well all seems lost(no pun intended), out steps Benjamin Linus, and, like always, he has a plan. Together, Jack and Ben try to get Hurley and Sayid to go back with them to the island while Kate and Sun try to remain in a normal life. Meanwhile we finally see what happened to the island and its inhabitants. To them, all they experienced was an ultra bright flash of light and a deafening noise. But they quickly realize all is not right when their camp and everything they had is gone. When they question physicist Daniel Faraday he divulges to them that their camp isn't gone, it hasn't been built yet. That's right, when the island was moved it was moved through time, but things got screwed up and instead of staying in one time, the island is like a skipping record. Meaning every so often the island jumps through time. Now the Oceanic six are trying to get back and the survivors are trying to figure out just what really is going on. They answered a few questions with the new season opener and, like always, raised a million questions.

Needless to say I have not been this excited for something in a long time. This season can only bring great things for the show and it's audience.

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