Friday, January 9, 2009


21 - review by zackRelease Date: March 28th, 2008

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Jim Sturgess is Ben Campbell, a young, brilliant student at M.I.T in Boston who desires nothing more than to transfer to the Harvard School of Medicine to become a doctor. Aiming for a scholarship his dreams are crushed when he realizes that is poor, working class background is not sufficient to afford the pricey $300,000 tuition for his four to five year stay at Harvard. Insert Kevin Spacey, who plays unorthodox math professor Mickey Rosa. Mickey introduces Ben into a secret group of brilliant students who Mickey is training in the secret art of counting cards in blackjack. Driven by his financial deficit and his burning desire to get into Harvard, Ben decides to join the team. Drop in Laurence Fishburne as a vengeful casino security manager, jealous team members, and the overcoming power of greed and arrogance and you have a combination sure to please.

21 delivers an intriguing look into card counting and the brilliance behind it. This remarkable true story is a pulse-pounding movie that leaves you wowed during the whole film. Sturgess and Spacey deliver excellent performances and Fishburne makes you scared to try anything remotely close to cheating anywhere near a casino. Sturgess' co-stars all deliver good performances and seem to have a good chemistry about them. I give this movie 8 card counting troublemakers out of 10

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  1. The entire story was one predictable scene after another.