Monday, April 13, 2009

Top 10 Movies That Predicted The Future Wrong

10 Sci-fi movies that didn't predict the futureEverybody loves a good sci-fi flick every now and then and it seems that the main focus of most sci-fi films is to do their best to predict what the future will be like for us. A noble goal but one that most people don't get right. Well here is a list of the top 10 movies that did a not so great job of predicting the future.

10.)Back to the Future II(1989) - The classic movie about a boy, a scientist, and a Dalorean time machine. This movie, though widely entertaining, unfortunately predicted an inaccurate future for us. We probably won't have a Jaws XII, clothes that dry themselves, shoes that tie themselves, and, much to my dismay, there will not be those ridiculously awesome hoverboards. At least not by 2015 like the movie predicts, although it did do a good job of predicting the 1997 Pennant win of the Florida Marlins.

9.) Bicentennial Man(1999) - According to this movie, by 2005(which has already come and past for those not paying attention) we will have personal assistant robots, who look alot like Robin Williams, that are able to do all the house cleaning and handy work. Instead we got a Roomba with a slightly larger dust pan and open source technology. Close, but no cigar.

8.) 12 Monkeys(1995) - In the year 1996, a mere one year after this movie was made, most of the world's population has been killed off by a terrible virus. But as you can see we are all fine, no virus has taken us out, though Staff Infection and Bird Flu have tried.

7.) 1984(1984) - A future dominated by "The Ministry of Love", a large government organization, intrusively invades and monitors every actions of every citizen on the planet, political jargin is spewed from the television, and songs are now written by computers. But, in the actual future we have all access, all day news channels, Homeland Security, and Kanye West. A good thing their future didn't come true.

6.) Blade Runner(1982) - An incredible work of art and film making, Blade Runner is director Ridley Scott's masterpiece. However, unlike in Scott's 2019 future, we most likely won't have sentient robots in the form of Daryl Hannah or off-world colonies and alien friends. However, the company Terrafugia has just successfully tested the first flying car so maybe are dreams of a flying dalorean are close indeed!

5.) Soylent Green(1973) - This movie predicts the most disturbing future of them all. In the year 2022, the population in New York City is about 40 million, as opposed to the 8 million recorded in the 2000 census. Food is scarce and the old are euthanized. They dead are then processed into a substance known as Soylent Green, the food supplement that feeds the masses, and the people don't know they are actually eating each other! But I don't think that is going to happen.

4.) The Island(2005) - In 2019(a popular year for future events) people will be able to pay to have themselves cloned, in case they need anything, like an organ transplant. However, the clones are alive and "living" their life in a facility under the false pretense of a nuclear war which has contaminated the surface. While we have only cloned sheep, human cloning might come around sometime in the future. Lets just hope anyone of us can get a clone of Scarlett Johansson.

3.) 2010(1984) - By 2001, we should have had killer sentient computers and manned trips to the planet Jupiter, according to "2001: A Space Odyssey." In the sequel 2010, there is another huge misprediction. We should, in a few months, go to war with Russia in another Cold War on the brink of WWIII. But unless Obama really pisses off Putin, we should be safe.

2.) Deathrace 2000(1975) - The U.S. has a new style of entertainment, an transcontinental race where the speed and number of innocent bystanders killed is the only way to win. However, in the actual year 2000, the only thing that came close was a heated presidential election. Though the reasons for the race in the movie was a massive financial collapse. So hopefully things get better or we can aal start mounting the machine guns to our soccer mom minivans.

1.) Escape From New York(1981) - In 1981, WWIII and increasing crime rates were a strong possibility because the Soviets just pooped into Afghanistan and there was a peak in the homicide rate of America. Except in the intervening time the USSR flopped and the crime rate took a %75 drop in New York City. So, if the President ever did get trapped in the city and needed rescue from the one and only Snake Pliskin, it would be because he was stuck in the Lincoln Tunnel and not because he was kidnapped by a group of hip hop gangsters.

So, even though these movies gave it a good effort, they were very unsuccessful in predicting our future. I guess our only hopes lie with Neo and the Matrix or the discovery of a Galaxy far far away.


  1. Hey Man !! Thanks a lot. I just checked your shared list of 10 top movies. It is fantastic..Most of movies I already watched. I will also go for remaining one as well :]