Thursday, April 9, 2009

10 T.V. Shows That May Get Canceled

T.V. Shows That May Get CanceledIt's hard these days for a new t.v. show to hook an audience and stay alive for multiple seasons. While there are a lot of ideas for shows that sound interesting, and even may be entertaining, it is difficult to grab the attention of an audience whose main downtime is spent watching t.v. Audiences are very hard to please these days and it takes a truly new and creative idea to hold peoples attentions. Well here is a list of t.v. shows that people like, but maybe not enough to keep them alive.

1.) Fringe - Joshua Jackson stars in this newest sci-fi series comparable to the X-Files. The show had a sluggish start and but has really picked up in recent weeks, especially since the show is getting into some cool mythological creatures and what not. Audiences are starting to like Anna Torv and the weekly monsters are proving Fringe to be a pretty cool action/sci-fi show.

2.) Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles - Since the only other show with robots in it, Battlestar Galactica, is over it would really be a shame to lose the other one. The Terminator movies were big hits and it is surprising to see this show in danger of cancellation. Although it does tend to bore with family trouble drama, it always makes up for it with awesome terminator technology.

3.) Celebrity Apprentice - The original "Apprentice" was getting a bit bored to some. The Trump bossing around and firing everyday people was good for a time but it could only go so far. But the new addition of Donald having the ability to boss around celebrities has added a brand new interesting element to the show which has made it more enjoyable. But sadly ratings are slowly dropping. Maybe it is because the celebrities are c-list stars and old sports stars doing what they can for more t.v. time.

4.) Chuck - This is a surprising show to be seen on this list. Chuck is witty, cool, and in general fun. The plot of a nerdy computer tech guy getting wrapped up in government officials and spy-like stuff. Its just a really good show.

5.) Dollhouse - This show has an interesting plot. Actress Eliza Dushku plays the role of a woman who has a programmable identity. She works for the government who can wipe her memory and make her anything or anybody they want. But this show has started off slow, but it also took shows like Buffy and Angel to get going. Creator Joss Whedon is trying hard to get the kinks worked out so the show meets the high standards of Whedon's fans. Lets hope the show gets a second season to make it happen.

6.) Life - The L.A. Detective with a zen like attitude and a love or fruit has become one of the most likable t.v. cops. This is all because of Damian Lewis' quirky, deceptively placid charisma. The cases have gotten stronger, the supporting cast stronger, and a more twisted underlying plot.

7.) Better Off Ted - Everybody loves a good workplace comedy. These shows really making working in a cubicle bearable. Since "The Office" has been lacking lately, "Better Off Ted" is trying to fill the gap. This show is more like "Andy Richter Controls The Universe". It has an innate silliness and a unique quirkiness that may tune off those who prefer the straight forward shows like "Rules Of Engagement".

8.) Kings - "Kings" is a new, ambitious show which brings a whole new world to life. The twisted story of dirty deals and backstabbing has gotten particularly juicy. This tale of a rich, powerful, and corrupt monarch has a broad, epic feel that can not be held to just few episodes. And it is good to see Ian McShane in a starring role after "Deadwood".

9.) The Unusuals - The pilot for this show has been released and it has audiences hooked. However, it might not last. It has police cases with a hearty dose of comedy. But the comedy may be too oddball for some viewers.

10.) Southland - Another show that only has a pilot out, "Southland" is a gritty and twisted show about the cops of L.A. However, NBC has a hard hitting list of Fall shows hitting in a few months and there isn't a whole lot of space for this show in the 10 p.m. spot where it needs to be.

So there you go, a list of show that are good, but may be in trouble of ending before their story is finished. While there isn't a whole lot you can o to stop these shows from ending, the best thing you can do is to watch the show you want and get others into it to boost ratings.

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  1. This Sucks, I love Fringe, and the Unusuals seems like something else I would really enjoy. I loved the pilot.

    The pilot of Southland was a bit slow starting but it grabbed me halfway through. I think the problem here is these crime shows are so much like all the others. I think the twists of the Unusuals could have eventually grabbed a good audience.

    I hate losing Fringe. I haven't been this excited about a sci-fi since Sliders.