Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Quantum of Solace

Release Date: November 14, 2008

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The newest installment in the never ending James Bond films and the second to introduce new Bond man, Daniel Craig.

James Bond has taken a new style to his work. Ever since the death of his love, Vesper, Bond(Daniel Craig) has become more ruthless, more determined, and more cavalier in going about his business of tracking down Vesper's killers. His recklessness is becoming so severe that his superior M(Judi Dench) is seriously considering cutting of Bond all together. In his desperation to find Vesper's killers, Bond discovers a massive, secret organization known only as Quantum. The biggest thing is that Bond believes this group may be involved in Vesper's death. In his search he follows the group to Haiti. It is here Bond meets the beautiful Camille(Olga Kurylenko), an mysterious and very driven women with hidden and unclear motives. It is through Camille that Bond comes into contact with Dominic Green(Mathieu Almalric) a ruthless business man who is secretly involved with Quantum. Green's motive: to control a very valuable resource in Bolivia, South America. It is through this that Green gets involved in a plot to overthrow the Government in Bolivia. Upon investigating the group, Bond realizes how deep the group runs and their ultimate motives. Bond takes it upon himself to overthrow the group and their sinister plot, but at what expense? In doing this Bond forgoes all of his protocol and orders to do what he must to stop Quantum.

Like Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace brings something to the Bond franchise that not many other bonds do, and that is insane action. My favorite thing about Quantum of Solace and Casino Royale and Daniel Craig as Bond is the way Craig approaches the character. As seen in all the other bond movies, every actor portrays Bond in the same way; the cool, suave, well mannered, well dressed, sophisticated Bond. Craig, however, does it very differently. His Bond is bare knuckles bad ass Bond. He's dirty, gritty, and adds this kind of psychopathic tendency to Bond that lets you know he will kill you and he does not care. All the other Bonds seem like they would kill as a last resort but Craig's Bond kills as a first resort. Obviously, the great Sean Connery is widely considered the only Bond, but Craig is definitely the best Bond to reprise the role.

Now, to talk about the movie. It was really good. The movie starts off the very first scene with a crazy car chase through a mountain side road with cars flying every which direction, huge explosions, and cool gun fights. But the action doesn't stop there as the movie is cram packed with action. Craig's fighting skills are also very impressive. He's like an English Bruce Lee mixed with Spiderman because not only does Bond engage in high speed car chases and boat chases but he also races over the rooftops in Italy. The story of Quantum of Solace was entertaining. One of my favorite aspects was how Bond was continuously framed for doing things. Throughout the movie, M was constantly on Bond about killing everybody. But there were multiple parts in the movie were something would happen and a person would die, but not by Bond's hands. When news reached the ears of M, the information was twisted into making it look like Bond was a ruthless killer on a vigilante mission of revenge. This aspect lead to the intensity of the movie. Not only was Bond after the group Quantum and dealing with dodging their assassins, he was continuously pursued by agents of MI6 on orders from M. It was like Bond had to be aware of everybody at all times. Like Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace had incredible action and an amazing performance from Craig. My one fault with this, and the previous Bond movie, was that at times the story was hard to follow and got you confused a few times. Other than that it was a fantastic movie.

I give Quantum of Solace 8 Blonde Bonds out of 10

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  1. This is one of good film of Daniel Craig. The story is very weak and un-involving but still I enjoyed this movie till the end. I will give it rating of 6 out of 10 :-)