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Paranormal Activity 2

Release Date: October 22nd, 2010

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Kristi (Sprauge Grayden) and Dan Rey (Brian Boland) come home from vacation to find their home burglarized. Every single room in the house is trashed but the only thing that appears to be stolen is a necklace that Kristi's sister Katie (Katie Featherston) had given her. To prevent any further disturbances, Dan installs security cameras all over the house in order to keep an eye on every room. When mysterious "disturbances" start to plague the family, Dan's daughter Ali (Molly Ephraim) begins investigating with a hand held camera.

When Kristi and Katie talk about how they were tormented as children by "something" things begin to get out of hand. Kristi begins to feel personally attacked by whatever is in the house and her and Dan's new baby boy, Hunter, begins to be at risk as well. When the baby is mysteriously taken out of its crib by an unseen force and Kristi is viciously dragged out of the baby's room and into the basement Dan finally starts to believe the stories Ali has been telling him.

Dan tries to figure out a way to get rid of the "spirit" tormenting his family any way he can before everything he holds dear, Kristi, Hunter and even Ali, are hurt or worse, killed, by whatever it is that is terrorizing this family.

I love horror movies but I must admit that there isn't really a whole lot that can scare me. Michael Myers, Jason, Freddy, none of these "monsters" can really make me bat an eyelash. What does, however, get my spine tingling is anything that has to deal with demons, demon possession or the devil. The thought of somebody being "occupied" by some otherwordly force that has powers beyond imagination is quite literally terrifying. And seeing somebody physically effected by something nobody can see is just as bad.

That is why Paranormal Activity 2 was an instant hit in my book. The film follows the story of a family terrorized by what appears to be a demon bent on nothing but destroying this family. Like its predecessor, Paranormal Activity 2 is shot a little differently. Reminiscent of the Blair Witch Project style of shooting, the first film was shot using a hand held camera whereas the second used a mix of hand held camera and installed security cameras.

I feel that this style of cinematography adds an extra "creepy" feel to the entire film. It makes it feel more real. It is this style of shooting that is one of the key factors that makes this movie scary.

This film isn't really a sequel, and it isn't entirely a prequel either. The best way I can describe it is that 3/4 of the film is a prequel and 1/4 is a sequel/continuation. You definitely need to watch Paranormal Activity in order to fully understand what is happening in Paranormal Activity 2. Also, Paranormal Activity 2 explains a whole lot in the plot of the first film. By the time this one ends, everything about the first film will make sense.

The scares in this film were definitely freaky though the pacing was a little off. I felt like I spent a lot of the movie waiting for something big to happen. However, when those moments finally came they were well worth the wait. The big scares in this film were definitely terrifying. There were even a few scenes involving the baby that made me want to scream out at the screen in defense.

With any sequel/prequel/parallel/whatever movie you generally find yourself comparing it to the other one. In most cases one is way better than the other. Not the case here though. Neither one of these films was incredibly better than the other. They were both very good.

Overall I liked this movie. I thought is was very scary but not to the point of making me pee my pants. I thought all the characters were really good and most people will be able to relate. All the actors did great jobs in their roles and it was really cool to see how the first film, along with its two main characters, was tied into this one.

If you loved the first Paranormal Activity then you will love this one but DO NOT go see this one if you haven't experienced the scares of the first because the ending will not make sense. Oh! I almost forgot about the ending! The ending was incredible. It was a huge twist that I did not see coming at all and I even thought they were going to end the film at a different point. But then the real ending came and I was blown away.

I give Paranormal Activity 2 9 Helpless Babies Dragged from their Cribs by an Unseen Demon out of 10.

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