Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Ugly Truth

Release Date: July 24th, 2009

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Abby Richter (Katherine Heigl) is a romantically challenged morning show producer for a local television station. When the morning show she produces begins to lose viewers, and fast, Abby is forced to find new ways of exciting the crowd. When she is unable to come up with any good ideas, her boss Stuart(Nick Searcy) hires Mike Chadway(Gerard Butler), the host of a raunchy late night local access t.v. show called The Ugly Truth. On his show, Mike offers relationship advice to men and women in the most perverse, and sometimes truthful, way. Abby, having called Mike's show the previous night to call him out, is furious and shocked when she sees Mike walk into the studio for his new segment on the morning show also called The Ugly Truth.

Abby and Mike butt heads from the very start when Mike discontinues reading from his monitor and goes over to give relationship advice to the hosts of the morning show Larry(John Michael Higgins) and Georgia(Cheryl Hines), a married couple who are having serious relationship woes. Abby is furious with Mike but when the ratings that come in the next day are through the roof, Abby realizes that she has to work with Mike or face losing her job. But Mike doesn't make it easy on Abby when he provides a scenario for all the men asking them if they'd rather go on a romantic, candlelit dinner or watch two hot women wrestling in a pool full of jell-o. Abby sees an oppurtunity and goes with it, telling Mike to further the debauchery by licking the jell-o off of one of the girls fingers. The two get into an argument over the stunt and Mike proposes a challenge to Abby. Abby begins bragging to Mike about Colin(Eric Winter) her new neighbor who is young, attractive and a doctor. When Abby was in a tree outside of her house getting her cat, she saw Colin getting out of the shower and began spying on him. But when the tree branch she was on snapped, she fell and got got hanging upside down. Colin rushed out to help her and took her back to his apartment to treat her ankle.

Mike bets Abby that he can get Colin to fall for Abby if she goes by his advice. If Colin does fall for Abby Mike gets to do things his way and if Colin doesn't, Mike will quit. Abby agrees and to her surprise, Mike's techniques begin to work. eventually Colin does fall for Abby and they begin dating steadily, at which point Mike realizes his true feelings for Abby. When the two go to Hollywood so Mike can appear on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, they share an evening that brings them closer than either of them expected. After they furiously make out in a n elevator Abby breaks off and goes to her room. She hears a knock at the door and excitedly answers it expecting it to be Mike. But instead, Abby finds Colin, who surprises her. Mike works up the courage to go back to Abby's room and finds Colin answering the door. Mike gets angry and leaves before turning in his resignation with Abby's station and returning to his old show. Abby realizes her true feelings for Mike and tells Colin that she hasn't been herself and that she has been acting the way Mike told her to. She breaks it off with Colin and returns to work to find Mike gone.

However, the two are soon reunited when both of them are attending the same hot air balloon festival to cover it. Abby is running the new The Ugly Truth host while Mike sits and watches it from his t.v. van. When the new guy fails, Abby steps in to salvage what is left and goes on a rant about Mike. Mike can't take it and goes to where Abby is filming and begins to rant about her. The two get into the balloon which takes off with them on board. Abby and Mike start to argue while secretly being filmed by an on-board t.v. camera. Mike tells Abby he loves her and after a long debate she realizes what he said. Mike rejoins Abby's station and continues his role as host of The Ugly Truth.

This movie is set to appear as a typical romantic comedy but in turn focuses more on raunchy humor than romantic appeal. Gerard Butler is your typical womanizing, chauvinist, male dominant guy. His character "tells it like it is" from the male standpoint on woman, sex, and relationships. Butler isn't known for being the comedian in his films. However, he definitley shows his funny side in The Ugly Truth. Butler was by far the funniest character of the movie. While Katherine Heigl is known for her comedic work in movies like Knocked Up, The Ringer and 27 Dresses Gerard Butler is better recognized for his roles in movies such as The Phantom of the Opera, P.S. I Love You and 300. Yet Butler definitley takes the center comedic stage in this film. I think the best part about his comedy was that he wasn't afraid to say anything and that his timing was perfect.

This movie talked about topics and scenarios that you wouldn't typically expect. Some of the items covered, either on the morning news show or in conversations between characters, actually made me go "whoa!" and be taken aback sometimes. Nothing was out of bounds for director Robert Luketic. Luketic continually pushes the envelope with every scene sometimes resulting in huge laughs. Butler's character is definitley the hook for male audience members. Butler says everything most guys are thinking but are too afraid to say, making him a sort of hero/role model for men everywhere.

Heigl adds the sex appeal as well as her own unique comedy to the movie. Heigl's character is somewhat ditsy and is also a total control freak. She carriers around a list of the the 10 qualities she looks for in a guy and checks off all the ones that he meets. She even goes as far as to do a full background check and to print out the personal files of the people she meets online dating. It adds the neurotic sense to her character that makes her funny to watch, not to mention the fact that Butler and Heigl played well off each other, especially with their timing.

The movie isn't the funniest thing I have seen and sometimes the jokes can get old or offensive. I am really happy that the director steered more towards the comedy side as opposed to the romantic side. This movie is one that a girlfriend is going to drag her boyfriend too thinking it is a romantic-comedy chick flick but the guy is going to find it more relates to him than her. Although there weren't many, the supporting cast of the film was good. Cheryl Hines and John Michael Higgins were both pretty funny and Eric Winters added the anchor of realism and calmness that kept the movie somewhat balanced. If you are a fan of Katherine Heigl or Gerard Butler or you need a quick laugh to fill out your weekend, then The Ugly Truth is a good choice. I give The Ugly Truth 7 Hotties wrestling in Jell-O out of 10


  1. It sounds like they took Justin Longs character in He's Just Not That Into You and ran with that idea, like they really developed the character. I'm not fond of raunchy humor but I am looking forward to it anyway

  2. the story is not special. just so so.. not funny a t all

  3. Hi,
    Good appropriate review.This movie could have been a lot better if they would have worked on the plot more - but, even with that said - I did watch the entire movie. So it does have some redeeming value to it, though not much.


  4. Well done abby. It's not ugly.A putative romantic comedy about the fundamental differences between men and women, it reduces both genders to emotional cripples while failing to find any humor in the situation.