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I Love You Man

I Love You Man - review by zackRelease Date: March 20th, 2009

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One of the first comedies of the new year, I Love You Man produces a comedic cast lead by funny men Paul Rudd(Role Models) and Jason Segel(Forgetting Sarah Marshall).

Peter(Rudd) is a mild mannered real estate agent who just proposed to his beautiful girlfriend Zooey(Rashida Jones, The Office). When the two of them begin to make arrangements, Zooey discovers that her new fiance Peter has no real and, as a result, no groomsmen and even no best man. Upon realizing this, Peter embarks on a mission to find a new best friend. After a series of "man-dates", Peter begins to loose hope. But when he is hosting an open house to sell the famous Lou Ferrigno's home, Peter meets Sydney. Sydney Fife is an investments dealer who has many opinions and is not afraid to show it. Sydney is the complete opposite of Peter and the two instantly hit it off. As Peter spends more and more time hanging out with Sydney, he slowly drifts away from his future fiance Zooey. It is only when Sydney questions Peter about why he is marrying Zooey that Peter begins to wonder that answer himself. And it is here that Peter must choose between his fiance and his new found bro.

This movie is hilarious. I'm serious, it is one of the funniest movies I have seen in a while and it kept me laughing out loud from start to finish. Directer John Hamburg, who did such comedies as Along Came Polly and Meet The Parents, hits the proverbial bulls eye with I Love You Man.Paul Rudd(Role Models) delivers one of his best performances as the mild mannered Peter who becomes hysterical when he decides to break out and cut loose with his new pal Sydney played by Jason Segel(Forgetting Sarah Marshall). Segel's character is charming, funny and very opinionated, but above all, he is a little whacked. One of the funniest things about the movie was the way Paul Rudd displayed the weird, quirky awkwardness of Peter. Sydney would continuously give Peter nicknames like "Pistol" and every attempt by Peter to do the same ended in some sort of nickname throw-up like Peters first attempt at a nickname "Jobin" which has absolutely nothing to do with anything. But it wasn't just these two front men that kept the laughs coming. This movie had an all-star cast of very funny people. Jamie Pressley(My Name Is Earl) and Jon Favreau(director, Iron Man) who plays Zooey's best friend and her husband add to the flame as the crazy married couple who seem like they hate each other but are really madly in love. Peter's parents, played by Jane Curtin and J.K. Simmons, are the typical embarrassing parents who have those traditional awkward moments that make the child wish he were dead. Andy Samberg(Saturday Night Live) plays Peter's gay brother, who also attempts to hook him up on some "man-dates" which do not end well. So the cast of comedians does one thing that some movies con not, keep the laughs coming. In most movies with more than one or two good comedians, the actors tend to shadow each other or steal the show. The flow doesn't seemed balanced, like the performers are trying to out do each other. However, in I Love You Man, the laughs are spread out among the entire cast and each one has a different flavor to bring. It's kind of like mixing all of the flavors in the soda fountain together in one cup, except it tastes good. Even the Incredible Hulk himself, Lou Feriggno, makes an appearance. I do not think I can express how truly funny this movie is. The style of comedy is so different from some of the lame attempts in today's cinemas.

I can't recall any major flaws about this movie. The only thing I could count as a flaw or negative was that some of the premises in the movie are made to make the characters feel awkward, but, do to the extreme weirdness of them, make the audience feel awkward at the same time. There are many points in the movie when I was watching when I put my head down from embarrassment and I wasn't even in the movie. But other than that this movie was spot on. A definite comedic work of art that will certainly bring joy and outrageous laughter to anyone who watches. I Love You Man gets 9 Man-Dates out of 10.

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