Friday, February 6, 2009

Grindhouse: Planet Terror

Release Date: April 6th, 2009

Click here for the Planet Terror Trailer.

The first flick in the double feature created by acclaimed directors Quentin Tarantino(Pulp Fiction) and Robert Rodriguez(Sin City) falls under the name Planet Terror. In the double feature, each director contributes a movie giving homage to their favorite B-list movies.

Rodriguez starts it off with Planet Terror. This movie sends a shout out to all the zombie movies out there. When Cherry(Rose McGowan, Charmed), a go-go dancer from Texas finally decides to start a new life, her plans get screwed when a mass of ravaging, man-eating zombies is let loose from a military base in Texas. When an attack leaves her beaten and missing a leg, her old flame Wray(Freddy Rodriguez, Six Feet Under)shows up. Together they team up with the local sherrif's department and some locals not affected by the virus to take down this zombie plague.

This movie is anything short of celebrities. It stars, among the forementioned cast, actors such as Josh Brolin, Naveen Andrews(Lost), Quentin Tarantino, and the ever popular Bruce Willis. Another aspect this movie has is gore. If there is anything we know about a Robert Rodriguez film its that its going to be filled to the brim with over-the-top violence and gore and Planet Terror is no different. Around every turn someone is getting shot, stabbed, eaten, or blown up and an explosion of blood follows right after.

The acting and the writing in this movie is, shall we say, cheesey. But, that is the entire point. Since it is a tribute to B-list movies all the corny dialogue you would expect from them is in Planet Terror. Overall the movie was good. It was nice to see A-list celebrities play in a not-so-elaborate movie and have a little fun as aposed to their oscar winning serious movies. In the end, Robert Rodriguez's Planet Terror gets 7.5 One-legged Go-Go dancers out of 10.

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